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Aloha Poke Co. has Many Attributes of a Vegan Franchise

Veganism is on the rise in the United States. Not only are more people adopting veganism as their preferred diet, but many omnivores are embracing vegan recipes for their flavors, textures, and healthy nutrition balance. As a result, the popularity of the vegan franchise is also rising.

The State of the Vegan Franchise Industry

With veganism on the rise, vegan franchise opportunities are sure to follow. Let’s look at the state of the plant-based food market in the US.

  • In 2014, only 1% of Americans identified as vegans. Now, six times as many, or 6%, have embraced the vegan lifestyle.
  • In the past year, 35% of Americans have consumed plant-based foods, and of those, 90% agree they would do so again.
  • Retail statistics for plant-based eating show increased interest. Plant-based foods were around $7.4 billion in sales in 2021, which is a 6% growth rate from 2020, and a 54% growth rate from 2018.
  • 4% of every dollar spent in the retail food market went to plant-based food, which is up 79% over the last 3 years.
  • The global vegan food market is predicted to reach $22 billion by 2025, up from $16 billion in 2021. The compound annual growth rate (CARG) is projected to be 9%. This growth is attributed not only to vegans but also to people reducing meat consumption and increasing their appetite for vegan fare.

Vegan Franchises are Gaining Popularity Due to the Flexitarian Diet

This explosive growth in plant-based eating can be attributed to more people becoming committed to eating more whole foods and cutting down on meat consumption.

Their eating habits are more closely aligned with their values and desire for improved health. As such, vegan food franchises are taking notice.

In large part, people are more open to plant-based foods because the flavors of plant-based meat alternatives have become more authentic.

There has been a surge in umami flavors for alternative meat products like burgers, bacon, and sausages that have made all the difference in flavors.

As such, people looking to reduce their meat consumption are turning to these substitutes and finding them delicious. The meat-free market is enjoying the benefits of this.

The proof is in the number of vegan restaurants and the rise of vegan franchises in 2020. There are now more than 1,470 vegan restaurants in the US, many of which are franchises.

Aloha Poke Co.The Franchise with Vegan Attributes

While vegan franchises are on the rise, they’re not completely aligned with what’s truly driving the popularity of plant-based cuisine in the United States.

Aloha Poke Co. has cultivated a menu almost any flexitarian would find delicious.

While the Aloha Poke Co. menu does offer poke bowls with meat —ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, or chicken—there is also a tofu option, and many of the bowls come entirely without meat.

The popular Build Your Own Bowl option is also available for the discerning flexitarian or vegan.

Aloha Poke Co takes pride in the fact that the menu caters to a multitude of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, and those on gluten-free, keto, paleo, or raw food diets.

Aloha Poke Co. is a Good Alternative to a Vegan Franchise

While Aloha Poke Co. may not be a wholly vegan franchise, the menu is designed to cater to vegans and others who are simply looking for ways to embrace a whole food diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Our poke bowls are filled with Hawaiian-inspired raw ingredients that we’ve carefully sourced from only the most sustainable vendors.

We’ve worked hard to create a wide variety of flavors that cater to many diets. In doing so, Aloha Poke Co. has been embraced by customers as a breath of fresh air in the fast-casual restaurant industry.

Investing in an Aloha Poke Co. Franchise

Our franchise menu doesn’t sacrifice flavor for speed.

This means we can compete with every fast-casual franchise out there, including vegan franchises that are seeing an explosion of growth. Aloha Poke Co. is poised to take advantage of the increase in popularity of plant-based foods as a whole.

Investment Numbers

To own an Aloha Poke Co. franchise as an alternative to a strictly vegan franchise, our franchise owners must meet a minimum requirement of $500,000 net worth, and have access to $125,000 of liquid capital.

Benefits of Aloha Poke Co. Franchises

The Aloha Poke Co. investment opportunity is a timely one, considering the popularity of vegan restaurant franchises with whom we share philosophies on environmental stewardship and healthy foods.

Aloha Poke Co. franchises come with many advantages.

  • Smaller footprint requirement—between 250 and 2,000 square feet only
  • No need for heavy-duty industrial kitchen equipment. Our poke bowls don’t require ventilation, fryers, grills, ovens, or hoods.
  • Top-of-the-market technology tools. Aloha Poke Co.’s software tools, for both POS systems and back-office data reporting, can be run on a tablet using cloud-based technology.
  • Ongoing support from our franchise development team, both in terms of pre-opening training, grand opening support, and continued remote and on-site support on an as-needed basis during regular operations.
  • Access to the confidential operations manual that helps our Aloha Poke Co. franchise owners with smooth and seamless day-to-day operations.
  • Access to marketing strategies to help build the Aloha Poke Co. brand both nationally and locally for our franchise owners.

The timing for alternative food franchises, like vegan fast food franchises or flexitarian choices in fast-casual restaurants like Aloha Poke Co., couldn’t be better.

If you’re interested in investing in a business that capitalizes on the beauty and inspiration of the whole food movement or the vegan franchise restaurant, then an Aloha Poke Co. franchise may be what you’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a business owner in an exciting, rapidly growing industry.

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