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Open a Poke Franchise and Get in on Functional Food Trends

Consumers are driving a shift toward functional food trends becoming more mainstream. You may be asking, What are functional foods? Functional foods are said to positively affect health beyond basic nutritional needs, boost optimal health, and reduce the risk of disease.

Foodservice is expected to see more of an influence from functional foods. We already see a shift in the marketplace away from artery-clogging burgers and fries and seeing more fresh, healthier, globally-inspired options. There’s never been a better time to get in on this trend with a poke franchise from Aloha Poke Co. Funcional for the Future.

Functional foods help consumers personalize healthy eating to achieve diet and nutritional goals. Gone are the days of general health and wellness programs that fit all.

Some of the key trends in the functional food movement include:

  • Eating well. High-quality, nutritious foods are king. Consumers are looking for foods that provide specific benefits, as opposed to general nutrition.
  • Interest in unique healthy foods. Superfoods and more novel food ingredients provide new and interesting flavors. Fermented foods, avocados, seeds, exotic fruits, and more remained popular. Up-and-coming superfoods like ancient grains, kombucha, matcha, turmeric, edamame, and goji are among the ingredients seeing triple-digit growth on menus.
  • Balance and moderation. Healthy eating includes reducing “bad” nutrients (think sugar, carbs, salt) and increasing “good” nutrients (i.e., fiber, protein, vitamin D). But, there is room in a healthy diet for the occasional indulgence.
  • Eating socially. Eating with family and/or friends saw an increase, accounting for 60 percent of consumers.
  • Sustainability. Consuming foods that were sourced ethically and produced in a sustainable way are important to millennials, the current largest sector of the population.

Poke as a Functional Food

Poke bowls are a great segue into functional food trends, as they encapsulate many of the features of the functional food segment. Foods that are high in protein, vegetable-rich, and include superfoods are among the most attractive to diners these days, and what better way to achieve all of that with a poke franchise with Aloha Poke Co.

Many of the ingredients found at our poke franchise are considered functional foods. For example, high-quality lean proteins are seen as a good nutrient that consumers are trying to increase their consumption of. Plant-based proteins were the second overall culinary trend for 2020, and Americans continue to normalize semi-herbivore eating habits. In this vein, plant-centric fare is an opportunity for consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Functional foods can help with heart health, energy, weight management, and gut health. Aloha Poke Co. features many of these touted ingredients in our bowls, making it easy for consumers to get the nutrition they need quickly.

As the functional foods trend continues to ramp up with no signs of slowing down, many will try to catch up to what Aloha Poke Co. is producing, but we’re well ahead of the pack. When you open a poke franchise with us, you’ll help more consumers achieve their health and wellness goals with fast casual food they can feel good about.

Contact us today to learn more about functional food trends and our poke franchise opportunity with Aloha Poke Co.

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