Many poke bowls on a dinner table

Making Waves on The Mainland, A Brief History on The Rise of The Poke Bowl Business

From Hawaiian fishermen’s delight to instant social media craze, the dish poke certainly has evolved over the past few decades. Our team at Aloha Poke wants to take a trip back in time with you to appreciate the history of poke. Let’s explore the rise of poke bowl fandom and how our diet food franchise has given entrepreneurial-minded individuals the chance to bring this beautiful dish to customers in their community.

A Fish Dish with History

The word poke in Hawaiian translates to “cut crosswise into pieces,” a simple description for a dish that will leave you speechless. The definite origins of poke are unknown, but it began as a snack for fishermen who would season their cut-offs from the day’s catch. It soon became part of the islands’ lifestyle, a fish salad traditionally served with octopus or skipjack tuna. Native Hawaiians enjoyed poke as an appetizer or even a main course, and around the 1970’s poke started to increase in popularity. Supermarkets and local grocers soon began to sell their version of this authentic seafood medley, and 40 years later, poke started to make its way to the mainland taking North America by storm.

An Instant Social Media Splash

Once poke hit the states, it wasn’t before long that social media foodies began to post pictures of their bowls in droves. Food and social media have always been a match made in heaven — food Instagram accounts are now one of the most popular categories on the platform. Poke bowls checked off all the boxes of an image-rich dish, which is why today there are hundreds of thousands of posts all using #pokebowls. The vibrant colors presented in a simplistic dish make the poke business’ product incredibly marketable.

What’s Next for Poke?

Poke has crossed all sorts of culinary borders over the years, but what’s clear is that poke is undoubtedly here to stay. If you’re looking for a way to enter the poke bowl business without starting a mom-and-pop shop from scratch, Aloha Poke has your answer. Our diet food franchise allows you to invest in an innovative yet simple restaurant concept with the right corporate support to guide you along the way. Our management team offers over five decades of combined fast casual experience to help you succeed and grow for years to come. From ongoing marketing support to operational assistance, Aloha Poke is here to help every step of the way.

Aloha Poke has brought a breath of fresh air to the fast casual industry — we’ve found the balance between efficient operations and jaw-dropping bites. If you’d like to learn more about our poke bowl business, contact us today!

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